HVM Bests AVM in DC Real Estate

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You’ve heard of AVM, even if you’re not familiar with the acronym. They’re Automated Valuation Models some third party real estate websites use to place values on properties. Zillow’s “Zestimate” is the most infamous. These tools are fun to use, but they may not be the most useful way to calculate real estate values. Why? They’re not human.

Like snowflakes, no two homes are exactly alike. Even new construction homes that seem identical have distinct advantages and disadvantages that make them more, or less valuable to buyers. A multitude of factors influence a home’s market value, many of which rely on human emotion and senses, preferences and perception, AI (artificial intelligence) really can’t measure up to a human expert when it comes to valuation of real estate.

The Isaacs Team LLC

We’re DC’s HVM (Human Valuation Model)

By its nature, data is a snapshot of the past. The fast-moving DC real estate market is way ahead of data. You need an HVM to provide up-to-the-minute and expert perspective on pricing and value. The Isaacs Team HVM offers over a decade of experience in the DC real estate market. We offer a wealth of information on our website www.districtre.com. Stop by and see why buyers prefer our expertise to a button in the cloud!


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